Your Soul is requiring you to heal deeper; to elevate past the hurt; to transcend beyond what happened; to let go of what and who no longer serves you; to protect your energy daily; to get the lesson, to master your thoughts and emotions; to forgive yourself; to love yourself unconditionally and to honour your body temple; all in order to thrive and vibrate higher daily.

The problem as I see it is that we lose HEART. This means that we lose our SOUL CONNECTION. We become so dis-heartened that we feel cut off from whom we truly are. Our SOUL wants to express itself through our HEART. The MIND is a filter that doesn’t belong to us; it is an appendage that has been added on that comes between us and our SOUL. We end up listening to our MIND and then start to believe that we are our MIND and that stops us listening to our SOUL.



We are really here to express
LOVE by finding our SOUL’S passion.

By finding your SOUL SELF your purpose emerges.
Once in touch with your SOUL it will tell you what it wants to create ....
you have probably always known as it is what your HEART yearns for as they are ONE!
Then there will be MEANING to your LIFE!


About 20 years ago my Life was in a mess. I had married for the second time and lent my husband a big chunk of the equity in my house so he could set up in business. Unfortunately he went bankrupt and my money was lost. A short while later he left me with his debt. As you can imagine it was a devastating experience. When I was walking to work around this time a voice in my head said ‘You need to go on the Spiritual Path’. So as there was an Annual Mind, Body and Spirit Festival on in the local hall I decided to visit it and went to the book stall and said ‘I am starting on the Spiritual Path can you show me any books that will help’. The guy showed me 10 and I bought 6. That was the start of my Search for meaning.

I have left no stone unturned as they say and explored every avenue I can find for answers. You name it I have studied it. From Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry to the Origins of Man and continue to this day.

Out of everything I have studied 3 modalities have stood out to me as I have benefited from them to the nth degree as each one has changed my Life! This is why I want to pass them on to others. Ultimately it is all about SELF DEVELOPMENT. Nobody can do it for you. It is a journey of SELF discovery.









How to discover your true purpose in LIFE!

Many of us are asking questions like;

Why am I here? Why is this happening to me?

Yet where do you look for the answers?

Within this system of Numerology lie the secret meanings of your life.

Encoded in your birth name are answers as to why you were born. You can find out which talents you have been given and what challenges you have chosen to overcome.

This information enablesyou to take stock of your life and view it from a more enlightened perspective.   

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Finding your TRUE SELF through the use of FLOWER ESSENCES.

Who are you? Do you really know?

Most of us think we are our Mind as it sends messages to us thereby creating emotional havoc and false mental beliefs.

Once emotional trauma has been released and the mental programmes dissolved the TRUE SELF can be revealed in all of its glory.

Flowers were put on this Earth in order to help us heal. For every pain there is an antidote.

If we listen to our SOUL it will tell us which Flowers we need...

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This Programme is a therapeutic process that increases sensory perception by stimulating self learning through problem solving exercises thereby improving;

Sensory integration:
Concentration :
Dyslexic tendencies:
Emotional Well Being

Perception involves many aspects of thinking, especially our ability to interrelate...

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